– Showing what is emerging –

You followed the U.lab online course at edX.org and presencing.com.
And now what…? Prototyping?

Clairifying drawings


Vision visualisation

While prototyping you’ll need to keep your focus. What was your intention, spark, vision? A movement from ego to eco?

The drawing can be used everywhere, for ever and multiplied endlessly.


1 – we’ll have half a short skype conversation, you tell me your sparkle,

2 – I’ll sketch, show the sketches to you and you choose the best one,

3 – after the conversation I’ll finish your drawing and sent is to you,

4 – you use it in your prototyping proces!


Next step drawing

Never give up! Otto says. What’s your next step in your team? You’re the case giver and I’m the mirroring and visualizing coach.

A visual reflection includes a few drawings you can use everywhere, for ever and multiply endlessly.


1 – we’ll have a (group) skype conversation in case clinic style and you tell me your goal of the illustration,

2 – afterwards, I finalize the drawings and send it to you,

3 – and you’re ready to make the next step!



Hi, my name is Janna Kool, illustrator from the Netherlands and having good experiences with the Ulab. Things I learned or realized is during the course: illustration can be a result and a tool, I’m good at Mirroring and need to trust more on power of enthusiasm.

This ideas on this page are mine prototypes. Translating information to a clarifying drawing with humor isn’t new for me. But: the Ulab methods are, working together with international contacts is and leading a group of people by reflecting is too.

What do you think of these two ideas?

About the payment: you can decide afterwards.

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