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Ik hou van doeners met vuur! Ted Eggink is zo iemand. Haar nieuwe project heet: Rotterdammers love Rotterdammers.
In het kort zijn dit ansichtkaarten die diversiteit van Rotterdammers laten zien. De eerste kaarten heeft Ted getekend, iedereen is welkom om mee te maken. Actie 1: kaarten verkopen tijdens het Grote Racisme Debat van de SP. Ted ging geschminkt en verkleed als bonte piet met de tekst:

“Ik ben rode Ted met een anti discriminatie pakket. €5.-“.

Actie 2? Ik kijk op

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  • Jeana says:

    Right on Anne-Kit. Good thinking. I believe that that muslim girl was just practicing the very best taqiyya she knew how. And the only reason the muslim males let her mix with, and talk with anybody-not-muslim, or nofleale-tami-y-mmmber, is because right now she is just a tool for the muslim community—whether she knows it or not. Wish someone would make her spend a couple of years in sowdi-arabia.

  • trotz negativen eintrag kredit says:

    (A)wesome post…your posts are always so creative!(B)elly and booty jiggling…hmm..I have a pair of TekGear capris that I love that I actually got at Kohls!You are going to love (C)olorado! I live in Denver and love it here. Beaver Creek will be so beautiful when you're here.

  • kredit international ägypten says:

    The list is growing and is useless. Netanjahu can ignore all of them, only a massive force can remove him and his compatriots from power and bring a change in Palestina.The question is: will any of the above mentioned nations have the guts to follow up with deeds if diplomacy doesn´t work? I doubt it, I am used of the hot air politicians blow, aspecially before elections.

  • is car insurace cheaper in Dothan, Alabama then other says:

    Greed indeed. The … Greed indeed. The people who were buying those homes with no down payment thinking they could flip them a few years later were the epitome of the greed. Was this answer helpful?

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